Starting to build your own VMware vSphere GUI

This is not going to be an exhaustive tutorial on how to completely replace the vSphere GUI – but if you were inclined to do so, this would be a way to start.

This “starter” eventually went on to become a fully fledged VMware GUI task orchestrator (a topic for a future post, perhaps).

This script will enumerate all of your VM folders (and the VMs therein) and correctly display them in a Treeview.  It doesn’t sound like much, but from there you can use “on click” listeners to display info for a specific VM when it’s selected, make changes to VMs, and lots more.

After opening PowerCLI and connecting to your vCenter server, you can just copy/paste the below script.


Assuming you have grouped your VMs into a folder hierarchy, a form should display that looks something like this:


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